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2016YearMayMonth 10Day

We implement the Cool Bizdetail>>>

2016YearFebruaryMonth 24Day

We hold the 2016 Kansai Mac Mechatronics showdetail>>>


2016 published articles--------------------------

2015YearDecemberMonth 07Day

We hold the 2016 East Japan Mac Mechatoronics showdetail>>>

2015YearMayMonth 15Day

We implement the Cool Bizdetail>>>

2015YearMarchMonth 23Day

We have moved our headquarters to Nishi-ku, Osaka Koji honmachi1-12-6 from March 23detail>>>


2015 published articles--------------------------

2014YearNovemberMonth 26Day

At an extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held today, Mr. Kenji Yamauchi to as proposed auditor is newly elected, was appointed.

2014YearAprilMonth 01Day

June 10 (Tuesday) to June 13(Friday) China Matsumoto Kikai and Foshan in the “19th Beijing Essen welding and cutting exhibition”in Beijing Matsumoto Kikai will participate.

Exhibition Site here

2014YearMarchMonth 25Day

We hold 2014 Kansai Mac Mechatoronics Showdetail>>>

2014YearMarchMonth 24Day

We hold the 7th laser processing technology exhibition within Photonix2014 at April 16(Wednesday) to April 18(Friday) Tokyo Big Sight


2014YearFebruaryMonth 07Day

We are exhibiting at Matsumoto Sangyo, Matsumoto Kikai joint to the 2014 international Welding Showdetail>>>

Leaflets here>>>

2014YearJanuaryMonth 09Day

We hold East Japan 2014MAC Mechatronics Showdetail>>>


2014 published articles--------------------------

2013YearJulyMonth 11Day

Matsumoto Sangyo, Matsumoto Kikai participate in the MF-Tokyo2013detail>>>

2013YearJuneMonth 21Day

We renewed the website

2013YearAprilMonth 17Day

5/25 (Sat) - 5/26 (day) SHIKOKU held a Welding Festa by the MAC Board of Shikoku MAC meetings sponsored by using the Okayama Convex Central!

Click here for detailsContact ishere

2013YearAprilMonth 01Day

We opened a Chugoku logistic center.detail>>>

Sales start date: 2013 April 1,
Address: Yubinbango739-2502
Hiroshima Prefecture Higashihiroshima Kurose-cho Kunichika 8-1
Create Park Co., Ltd. in the MK
Phone number 0823-81-2030
FAX number 0823-82-7337

2013YearMarchMonth 25Day

Gifu sales office is now in Nagoya office integrated sales division 5.


We renamed Yokkaichi office to Mie officedetail>>>

Sales start date: 2013 March 25,
New address: Yubinbango510-0231
Suzuka, Mie Prefecture Ejimadai 2-2-11
New phone number: 059-380-1555
New FAX number: 059-380-1557
Please note that began operations at the new location from March 25. Please note that we do not do business in the old location.

2013YearFebruaryMonth 18Day

Chubu Branch / Numazu office was relocateddetail>>>

Sales start date: 2013 February 18,
New address: Yubinbango411-0834
Mishima, Shizuoka Shintani 163-2
New phone number: 055-973-3500
New FAX number: 055-972-5547
Please note: We started the business in a new location than February 18. Please note that we do not do business in the old location. Thank you for your continued business.


2013 articles--------------------------

2012YearDecemberMonth 17Day

Kyushu branch / Kumamoto Sales Office has moved.detail>>>

Sales start date: December 2012 17 days
New address: Yubinbango862-0968
Kumamoto City, Minami-ku, Mawatari 2-13-33
New phone number: 096-241-2050
New FAX number: 096-241-2055
Please note: We started the business in a new location from December 17. Please note that we do not do business in the old location. Thank you for your continued business.

2012YearAugustMonth 16Day

We opened a Kyushu logistic centerdetail>>>

2012YearFebruaryMonth 10Day

Implementing environmental guidelines.detail>>>

2012YearJanuaryMonth 13Day

We hold the 2012 East Japan MAC mechatronics show.detail>>>


2012 published articles--------------------------

2012YearJulyMonth 07Day

Matsumoto Sangyo, Matsumoto Kikai exhibit at the MF-TOKYO2011 (Press Sheet Metal Forming Exhibition)


2011YearJuneMonth 20Day

We transfer Kanto logistic center.detail>>>

Business start date: June 20, 2011
New address: Yubinbango273-0047
Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture Fujiwara 4-8-15
New phone number: 047-406-7775
New FAX number: 047-438-6300
Please note: We started the business at the new location from June 20. Please note that we do not do business in the old location. Thank you for your continued business.

2011YearMayMonth 10Day

We hold 2011 Kansai MAC Mechatronics show2011detail>>>

2011 Kansai MAC Mechatronics Show exhibition information

2011YearAprilMonth 25Day

Notice of exciting Fair in Niigata event is canceleddetail>>>

2011YearAprilMonth 04Day

For rambling of facility use by the 2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquakedetail>>>

By the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011, "Big Palette Fukushima" has received a damage to the facility.
In addition, since it has been used as a shelter of victims caused by the earthquake, we have determined to postpone this year Welding Fair in the southern Tohoku show.

2011YearMarchMonth 29Day

Notice of exciting Fair in Shinshu held postponeddetail>>>

2011YearMarchMonth 16Day

About the East Japan Earthquakedetail>>>

2011YearFebruaryMonth 02Day

We will hold a WakuWaku Fair first time in Matsumoto office.detail>>>

We first hold a WakuWaku Fair in Matsumoto office.
You must be sure invitation concerning admission therefore please note.
Concerning questions please contact to Matsumoto office.
Thank you.

2011YearFebruaryMonth 01Day

West Osaka sales office was relocated integration to headquarters。detail>>>

Sales start date: 2011 February 1,
New address: 556-0022
Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi Sakuragawa 4-5-21
New department name: Sales Lesson 6
New phone number: 06-6567-1201
New FAX number: 06-6567-1302
Please note: we have started operations at the new location on February 1. Please note that we do not do business in the old location. Thank you for your continued business.

2011YearFebruaryMonth 01Day

The Mac Co., Ltd. was incorporated to the Division of Matsumoto Kikai Co., Ltd.detail>>>

New address: Yubinbango578-0901 Higashi Kano 4-10-7
New phone number: 072-942-0065
New FAX number: 072-963-0302

2011YearJanuaryMonth 28Day

We will hold the 2011 East Japan MAC mechatronics show.detail>>>


2011 published articles-----------------------------

2011YearNovemberMonth 12Day

Kanto system Division Kyushu branch office will be relocated.detail>>>

Sales start date: November 15, 2010
New address: Yubinbango871-0004 Oita Prefecture Nakatsu Oaza Kamijosui Maeda 1227 address 1
New phone number: 0979-33-1190
New FAX number: 0979-33-1191
Please note that from November 15, we will start operating at the new location. Thank you.


2010 published articles----------------------------

2010YearJuneMonth 25Day

We renewed the website.

2010YearJuneMonth 23Day

We transfer Kanto Branchdetail>>>

Sales start date: June 28, 2010
New address: Yubinbango108-0075 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Konan 1-6-31 Shinagawa Tokyu building second floor
New phone number: 03-5781-1975
New FAX number: 03-5781-1976
Please note that from June 28, it will start operating at the new location. Please keep in mind that it does not do business in the old location. Thank you for your continued business.

2010YearAprilMonth 01Day

Katsuhiro Isa to the Chairman of the Board, Mitsutaka Yoshida became the President and CEO.detail>>>

2010YearMarchMonth 11Day

Banner create UP to link to Matsumoto Machinery Co., Ltd. home page.

2010YearMarchMonth 11Day

Renewal Excel trade handling all product details of the electronic catalog UP.

2010YearFebruaryMonth 18Day

Chubu Branch / Nagoya office is relocated.

Sales start date: March 1, 2010
New address: Yubinbango466-0058
Showa-ku, Nagoya platinum 3-chome 12th No. 6
New phone number: 052-889-7170 New FAX number: 052-889-7180
New phone number: 052-889-6130 New FAX number: 052-889-7161
Please note: We started the business at the new location from March 1. Please note that we do not do business in the old location. Thank you for your continued business.

2010YearJanuaryMonth 18Day

We dispatch E-book catalog updated guidance.detail>>>

When you sign up, please contact us.
Application deadline: March, 2010 the last day


2009 published articles----------------------------

2009YearOctoberMonth 01Day

Osaka Mac Co., Ltd. will be integrated with the Kansai branch sales division 3 from October 1.

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